1. Why You Need AVaaS

    If you’re familiar with technology trends, you’ve probably heard acronyms like Saas or ITaaS discussed in meetings. There’s a new acronym taking center stage, and we believe it’s going to change workplace efficiency in offices all over the world.  What is AVaaS? AVaaS (or Audio Visual as a Service) bundles AV products, services and lease fees together in one package. This AV approach allo…Read More

  2. How to Impress Clients with Smart Workplace Technology

    What do clients notice when they walk into your office? The technology landscape is always changing, and it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Smart technology provides businesses all across the globe with more opportunities to impress, entertain and connect with clients. The technology in your office space speaks volumes about your business to every person who walks through …Read More

  3. Why You Should Have a Building Control Partner Verses Just Calling When Needed

    Building control and implementation ensure business developments meet all the minimum safety, health and the welfare of employees and other people around building premises. Also, they promote energy conservation as well as making business premises suitable for individuals who are disabled. They also cover other issues such as thermal performance, access and sound insulation between business premis…Read More

  4. How to find the “Goldilocks” temperature for employees?

    Office temperatures can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of employees working in the same area. Whether an office is unbearably hot or freezing cold, extreme temperatures can affect company morale and productivity in seconds. Everyone has their own preference, but what temperature is "just right" to keep everyone satisfied and productive? Temperature is a very powerful force. It can affect …Read More

  5. How Much Smart Technology is Right for Your Business?

    Currently, smart technology is taking the universe by storm, and it is not showing any signs of ending soon. Basically, smart technology means connecting devices that have off and an on switch to the internet. Almost everything in businesses and homes such as doorbells and even coffee makers are being connected or implemented with the smart features. Individuals are currently jumping on board the …Read More

  6. Reasons why IT is critical to HR staffing

    Staffing issues can cause even a perfect business strategy to fail. Even when after hiring the right people, a business can experience operational bottlenecks that prevent team members from reaching their full potential. Fortunately, IT can help. IT can provide specialized support for the unique needs of your HR department. With the right hardware and software tools in place, you can streamline yo…Read More

  7. Should you disable USB use with your laptops and mobile devices

    Apple phones have recently switched from the standard USB to USB-C, a lightning cable that transfers data faster. The switch came with some criticism from consumers since the USB plug has been the universally accepted way to connect to your devices. It has also sparked the debate on whether we should all be switching from USB to something more modern. The USB was released in 1996 and over the last…Read More

  8. Importance of Periodically Reviewing Your Security Policy

    Does your company have an up to date security policy to protect your network and data from potential cyber-attacks and other risks? Have you considered the type of security measures you have in place? An up to date security policy will help you and your company to effectively protect your information while ensuring that you do not end up a victim. Here are some of the benefits of having an up to d…Read More

  9. Did someone leave the lights on?

    The topic of going green is heating up as way to ease the environmental impact of energy consumption. Fortunately, you can also save money in the process. Smart lighting uses technology to optimize usage and reduce waste. In this article, we'll take a look at smart lighting controls and how it can reduce your energy usage and start lowering your utility bill. You can start saving now … while pre…Read More

  10. See How Automating HVAC Controls Can Improve Your Bottom Line

    About 35 percent of your energy bills go to heating and cooling. That is massive considering that every day there are new technologies that promise reduced bills. If you have not updated your systems, you could be missing massive savings. However, you don't need to update the entire system. Some additives can go a long way in improving your situation. One proven approach is to automate your heatin…Read More